The essentials of the birth list for baby! Sophie la girafe

The arrival of a baby is a real joy and...a real upheaval! Between equipment and essential products for baby, it is easy to get lost. Clothes, toiletries, hygiene, games for baby, meals, sleep, breastfeeding...the list of gift ideas is getting longer. Sophie la girafe gives you its tips to prepare your complete birth list before baby's arrival and your stay in the maternity ward. 

What to put on your birth list? The essentials to have to welcome baby. 

Each birth list is intimately personal, it reveals the essence of the universe you have built around baby. However, a few essentials are at the top of the list to welcome baby with peace of mind...Sophie la girafe help you ! 

1/ Birth list - For the bedroom and the sleeping area 

As we know, infants sleep a lot and everywhere. Taking care of his sleep is the key to a happy baby who develops smoothly. Even if sleep is a long learning process, a few "sleepy time" gifts to include on your birth list will help baby feel secure. 

- A bassinet for nice naps or sweet nights: because infants like to feel surrounded, it is interesting to favor small beds at the beginning so that baby can touch the contours of his sleeping area.

- A bed with bars for the child's future nights as well as a firm mattress adapted to the size of the bed.

- A fitted sheet to dress up the baby's bed with pretty colors

- A lounger to watch mom and dad from the corner of your eye or even take a little nap! 

- A small musical nightlight (or not) to reassure baby and accompany him to sleep.

- A sleeping bag or sleeping bag in his size to keep him warm.

- Some swaddles in cotton to drink the bottle avoiding small accidents like regurgitation or even to cover oneself (always under supervision). 

- A few warmpajamas to curl up in from a young age. 

- A nice soft toy adapted to the size of the baby that we will give under supervision and that will become his best friend or a natural rubber diaper ring to allow him to make his teeth!

- A set of physiological and anatomical pacifiers newborn, adapted to baby. 

Pillows, comforters, large cuddly toys, baby wedges or anti-flat-head cushions, and bed towers are not recommended for infants by the High Authority on Health. Also, until 6 months of age, the baby should be put to sleep on his back, preferably in his parents' room and in his own bed, in a room that is not too warm (between 18 and 20 degrees) and not too covered (or with an adapted sleeping bag of his size). 

2/ Birth list - For baby's meals and food diversification 

Your baby spends a good part of his day eating! Milk at first, then small purées between 4 and 6 months and finally pieces once he can sit up. Whether you realize it or not, time flies...planning for baby's feeding area is an essential for a great birth list!

- Polyester bibs and sleeve bibs for stain-free (or almost stain-free) baby feeding! 

- A set of easy-to-clean bottles: some have built-in anti-colic valves that prevent too much air intake while feeding.

- A dishwasher-safe siliconebottle brush for easy daily bottle washing. 

- A high chair so that baby can soon attend the meal with the family. 

- One silicone spoon 1st age to eat like a grown-up and its silicone plate

- One anti-spill training glass for babies and ergonomic glass to learn to drink like mommy and daddy. 

- One refrigerated teething ring to relieve future teething to be placed in the refrigerator. 

3/ Birth list - Baby's play area 

Between the ages of 0 and 3, children develop at an incredible rate! Motor skills, fine motor skills, social learning, language... our children are real magicians. So to help them stimulate themselves gently, there's nothing like a play area adapted to toddlers and from birth. 

- A mat to be amazed in softness - Sophie la girafe has its own modular playmat and that follows the evolution of baby thanks to 3 positions of games, lying on the stomach, on the back and sitting.

- Of the teething rings to learn to grasp the object and to start chewing happily! 

- A rattle to stimulate baby's hearing and sight (before he can hold it himself). 

- A black and white constrasted book - and yes, newborns don't see colors at first! 

- A pretty plush toy that is a true accomplice of his awakening moments. 

- Awakening cubes with different textures and colors to stimulate baby's interest. 

- A giraffe Sophie la girafe...personalized with your child's name! 

4/ Birth list - Baby's bath and hygiene area 

Bath time is a unique moment when baby discovers new sensations with water that reminds him of his intrauterine life. It is an important moment of soothing and reconnection. Here are our bath essentials to add to your birth list. 

- A folding bathtub if you don't have a bath at home.  

- A shower and bath gel - hair and body - for infants without soap and very soft. 

- A thermometer for baby's bath, it should not exceed 37 degrees but should not go below 35 maximum in case of fever for example. It is important that baby finds the same temperature as in the belly of mom. 

- A softcotton bathrobe or bath cape to get out of the water, warm.

- A natural hair brush to comb baby's hair after the bath.

- A changing table to change baby. 

- A softchanging mat.

- A diaper garbage can to avoid bad odors. 

- Liniment or other care product for baby's change. 

- A multi-functional baby care kit with nail clippers, manual baby fly, comb...

- Toys for the bath from 6 months to make this moment a playful and creative moment!  

- A non-slip bath mat with suction cups for safe bathing of baby - our water mat Sophie la girafe is also a heat sensitive temperature indicator that alerts you when the water rises above 37°!

5/ Birth list - To walk with baby 

Because having a baby is the adventure of a lifetime, going on a trip with your little one is an important step in his development! The colors, sounds, smells, wind...are all wonderful stimuli for your newborn. 

- A stroller : it is one of the most important items on a birth list because it represents a nice budget. You can suggest to your friends and family to join a group (by creating a small fund) to participate in the purchase of this stroller!

- A 0+ car seat in the rear-facing position for safe driving with baby. Also think of adding to the car's equipment sunshades to protect baby UV and heat protection. For your trips, the special multi-support activity mirrors baby are very useful to monitor your baby and stimulate his senses (you can then hang it on the bed, the stroller, the park...). 

- A changing bag to take baby's essentials with you at all times. 

- A nomadic changing mat that can be folded and unfolded to suit baby's changing needs.   

- A soft blanket to protect baby from the cold - especially after leaving the maternity ward! And yes, the temperature drops by an average of 20 degrees between the inside of mom's belly and the great outdoors. 

- A baby carrier or sling for naps on the move, all pressed up against mom or dad! 

Then personalize your baby list as you wish: clothes, decorations, stuffed animals, games, magazine subscriptions...! Nothing is too good for your little one. 

One last tip? Create your baby gift list online! Many free platforms are available to parents to help them build their gift list. 

In the meantime, enjoy this end of pregnancy ;)