The awakening of the 5 senses

the first baby toy that awakens ALL THE SENSES

The View

At 3 months of age, baby's eyesight is 1/10th and his eye only perceives contrasts. Thanks to his dark and contrasting spots all over his body, it attracts baby's gaze and Sophie la girafe becomes a familiar and reassuring object for baby because he recognizes it easily.


Equipped with a whistle, it amuses and stimulates baby's hearing.
The funny sound of Sophie la girafe when you press it first stimulates his hearing and then helps him to understand the relationship between cause and effect.

The Taste

Made of 100% natural rubber and paints suitable for food contact, Sophie la girafe can be chewed without danger. Thanks to its soft texture and many chewable parts (ears, horns, paws), it is ideal for soothing baby's gums during teething.

The Touch

Touch is the first means of communication in children with the outside world. The softness of Sophie la girafe, like the skin of his mother, reassures and brings to baby physiological and emotional reactions that will soothe him and promote his growth and well-being.

The sense of smell

The particular fragrance of natural rubber from the Hevea tree gives Sophie la girafe a real particularity, which helps the child to identify it among all his other toys.