Prenatal Parties: Baby Shower, our tips for a successful party!

He is not here yet and yet, we already like to celebrate our little one! Gender Reveal to announce the sex, Baby Shower with a girl or boy theme...there is no lack of ideas to get together and rejoice the arrival of a baby. Decoration, games, animation, timing, organizing a Baby Shower or a Gender Reveal requires some tips and tricks that we share with you here. 

Organize a Baby Shower for a girl or a boy! 

By whom and for whom?

Originally, the Baby Shower was organized by the family or friends of the mother-to-be. Now, more and more moms like to get involved in the event that will celebrate their baby and share the organization with some motivated friends. More surprising (and we love the idea too), dads are now invited to the "mixed" Baby Shower to celebrate the arrival of their little girl or boy. As the saying goes, "the more the merrier"! 


Traditionally, the Baby Shower is organized during pregnancy as a prenatal party, shortly before giving birth around the 7th or 8th month so that the mother is still in good shape. Prefer the snack or brunch format - short and sweet - so as not to tire the mother too much. This is a good time to enjoy all the guests without being overwhelmed by the newborn! However, it is not rare to celebrate baby after the birth, by superstition at first, but also to couple the Baby Shower and the presentation of the newborn to the relatives (it also allows to couple the gifts!). 

What games to play during the Baby Shower?

This is THE question that is worth its weight in gold! In order not to surprise the mother, the best is to identify her tastes in terms of animation before the D-day. Here is a non-exhaustive list of special Baby Shower games to get the guests involved: 

- The game of taste: where the mother-to-be and the father-to-be blindly taste baby food to discover its flavor. 

- The anagram game: taking the two first names of the parents, ask the guests to find the maximum of first names for the future baby! Laughter guaranteed! 

- The game of anecdotes: each guest writes down a silly childhood story about him or her and the parents-to-be are responsible for finding the owner of the anecdote.

- The childhood photo game: each guest brings a photo of him/her as a baby, the future mom and/or dad has fun finding out who is who! Slip traps with photos of famous personalities as children.   

- Guess the size of the belly with a ball of wool: each guest cuts the length of the belly from a ball of wool that they think is the most accurate by looking at mom's belly from a distance. Everyone then tries their luck by wrapping a piece of string around mom's belly with her belly button as a starting point - the winner gets a little present! 

- The general knowledge quiz for babies: don't hesitate to include funny questions for a friendly moment! 

- On a doll, propose a little competition between parents to change baby. On the program, changing diapers and dressing baby in record time! 

- The prediction game: a fun game to keep as a souvenir. Each guest bets on the date, height, weight, hair and eye color and even the name of the future baby. 

- You can also launch into DIY workshops all together: creation of dried flower bouquets, creation of bracelets or candles...a manual activity that invites everyone to participate and to go home with a souvenir of this day spent together! 

What gifts to offer for a Baby Shower? 

The term "shower" allows you to easily understand the idea behind the event: to spoil the mother / parents and the baby with a shower of gifts! 

So if you can spoil the newborn with little gifts like a blanket for baby's arrivala health book cover for medical appointments, a birth kit Sophie la girafea small woolen slipper, a birth gift set with teething ring Sophie la girafeThe idea is also to think of the mother (who will then be quickly forgotten when baby is here :)). 

Relaxing prenatal massage, a pregnancy "bola" necklace to cradle baby, pregnancy-friendly beauty products to take care of her before the arrival of the little one, pretty pyjamas for the maternity ward, a voucher for an afternoon with friends, a photo album to fill in each month, cards of the stages of pregnancy to immortalize the months that go by... there is no shortage of ideas to please those you love!  

And most importantly...have fun!