Prenatal parties: Gender Reveal, how to organize it?

A prenatal party as fun as rich in emotion to reveal the sex of the baby to your loved ones! Coming straight from the United States, these Gender Reveal Parties are now very popular in Europe and in France. On the program: buffet and delicacies, games and predictions, mixed decoration to confuse the tracks and final revelation to finally know the sex of baby! We give you our tips to not miss anything. 

How to organize a successful Gender Reveal? 

There are two options for the surprise: let the parents find out the sex of their baby at the same time as everyone else, or let them be in the know and tell everyone about it! In the first version, ask your sonographer to write down on a piece of paper the sex "girl or boy" and entrust the sesame to a trusted relative.

When to organize the Gender Reveal for a girl or a boy?
The ideal is to organize this party before the Baby Shower, either before the 7th month (the parents will know the sex of the baby around the 5th month) or between the 5th and 6th month to have time to organize everything. Choose an outdoor location and during an afternoon to take advantage of the nice weather! 

Gender Reveal: which animations to animate the day?

- Predictions: offer two separate panels "It's a girl", "It's a boy" and ask guests to stick a colored post-it note on one of the two according to their predictions. 

- The photobooth: often the centerpiece of the day (except for the reveal), the special Gender Reveal photocall allows you to keep precious memories of this extraordinary moment. Balloons, disguises, personalized t-shirts, cosy chairs...give character to your photo corner! 

- A Polaroid booth or simply a Polaroid camera to immortalize the moment between friends.

- A guestbook to fill in during the afternoon to leave a little note for the baby-to-be. 

- A "true/false" on parents to spice up the day. 

- The buffet remains a real entertainment to treat your guests! 

- Small and simple"goodies bags " to distribute to the guests will seal this beautiful day spent together (sugared almonds, photos, snacks, magnets...). 

Gender Reveal: what ideas for revealing baby's gender? 

There is no shortage of ideas for the ultimate reveal: girl or boy!

- Layer Cake colored inside in pink or blue - you can do the same version with small muffins to distribute. Each guest will bite into the cake at the same time to find out the gender. 

- Pink or blue confetti to scatter in the sky 

- The pink or blue smoke cannon 

- The Gender Reveal Box made of a big box filled with pink or blue balloons to reveal the gender.  

- The big black balloon filled with confetti to be pierced for a rain of colors. To sow doubt, place several black balloons, the parents will have to find the right one as quickly as possible to reveal the sex! 

- A Piñata full of pink or blue candies

What about you, what are your ideas? Share your baby shower photos with us!