Young children and seniors, the importance of intergenerational links

As the life expectancy of seniors increases, exchanges between grandchildren and grandparents, or even great-grandparents, become possible. Most healthy seniors have the chance to enjoy this, as do their offspring, and that's good.

In a retirement home or at home with a family, encouraging and maintaining links between different generations contributes to the better aging of the elderly while at the same time helping the little ones to grow up better.

Why are these exchanges to be favored? 

The following is a brief summary.

The benefits of exchanges between seniors and children

At retirement age, grandparents finally have a lot of time on their hands.

It is with joy that they put it to good use to take care of young children by helping parents who are often overwhelmed or who have no nanny.

These moments are precious. They allow strong emotional bonds to be forged from early childhood.

Grandparents, an important reference point

Intergenerational transmission:

Spending time with Grandma and Grandpa helps young children find their place in the family and develop an identity. They are curious and ask the elderly people questions, wanting to know about the family history and anecdotes. The house, decorated with old photos, is a great help. A dialogue of family transmission between the generations is established, endless... and enriching!


At a time when the number of separations is on the rise, causing an increase in single-parent families, grandparents play an important role by their presence and their unfailing support. They allow young children to have a stable family reference point.

An essential role for the balance of toddlers.

Calm and quiet relationships:

With grandparents, there are few constraints and a lot of patience.

Intergenerational relationships are much smoother than the daily life with Mom and Dad.

The little ones love the hugs, the little cakes specially prepared for them by Grandma and the quiet walks with Grandpa. Unconditional bonds of tenderness are woven day after day between the 2 generations. For ever.

The positive impact of child-elder interaction

If the regular attendance of the seniors brings a lot to the children allowing them to grow up better, the reciprocity is also there: they help in their own way the seniors to age as well as possible.

Fight against isolation and affection :

When the elderly person finds himself isolated after the loss of his spouse or enters a retirement home, the regular visit of the little ones helps to fight against loneliness and isolation by maintaining the social and emotional link. Every appointment becomes precious: as many hugs and kisses given as small pleasures shared. Sensitive to the smiles of young children, seniors can't resist it.

Health benefits:

Joy and good humor are part of the day's program when the little ones are there.

A littlephysical activity, a story to read, a snack to enjoy... And for a while, you forget about worries, illness or boredom. The benefits on the health of the elderly are felt both physically and mentally.

Memories to share:

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In other words, the relationships between young children and seniors are enriching for both sides. Intergenerational encounters help seniors age well while allowing the younger generation to grow up on a solid emotional foundation.

For a successful social life.

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