When should baby's diet start to change?

At what age should my baby begin to diversify?

Ah the "big question" that every normal parent asks 😊 

A simple tip to remember 

Well, a simple piece of advice to keep in mind: depending on your child's development and, above all, your feelings as parents! Whether it starts around 4, 5 or even 6 months, diversification can start when your baby is ready! 

One thing is certain: after 6 months, milk alone is no longer enough to cover all of baby's nutritional needs.

At the time of the diversification of food, baby will start to eat at a rate of 4 meals per day. 

And when baby is old enough to eat, it's time to introduce him to new flavors and colors! 

How Sophie la girafe can help you in this step

To get things off to a good start, we suggest the EYE meal set! Baby will love having his own plate, his own cutlery, easy to handle...all under the tender gaze of Sophie la girafe that he will discover when he finishes his plate.

With this meal set, baby puts his hands in the dish in a joyful and good mood. No stress: You can let baby discover tastes and textures in all simplicity, because even if he plays with his food, he improves his fine motor skills (and lets parents finish their plate in peace).