Reusable containers for babies Sophie la girafe 

Squiz and Sophie la girafe have imagined together a 100%eco-responsible collection! Their goal: To transmit the will to protect theenvironment from the birth of baby. The collection is composed of : 1 suitcase, water bottles of different sizes (130ml or 90 ml), 1 box, and 1 reusable pouch. 

Facilitates food diversification

Convenient to fill, store (in the fridge or freezer), heat (in a double boiler or low power microwave), wash (in soapy water or in the dishwasher) and reuse up to 50 times, it is an ideal container for all baby's sweet and savory meals, whether homemade or not.

Promotes autonomy

With its ergonomic soft silicone adapter, designed to protect baby teeth and relieve teething pain, the reusable bottle makes the transition from bottle to solid food easier.

Can be taken anywhere

Waterproof and lightweight, the Sophie la girafe water bottle fits in your purse with no risk of leakage and makes eating on the go a breeze.

In 2019, this collection of reusable water bottles has been completed by a box composed of: 1 suitcase, 3 130ml water bottles, 3 90ml water bottles, 1 Essentials Box (1 spoon, 1 top, 1 zip, 1 cap) and 1 reusable pouch.


The brand wishes to accompany babies and children towards a 0 waste future. For this, they have imagined simple containers, recreational and reusable.  

Free delivery for orders over 40 €.

Free delivery for orders over 40 €.

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